Accelerating on the Curves: The Artistís Roadmap to Success
By Katharine T. Carter & Associates
Second Edition Revised and Expanded
419 pages

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Table of Contents

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Foreword: Travelerís Information: William Zimmer (1946-2007)
Introduction: Driverís Manual: Katharine T. Carter

BOOK ONE Accelerating on the Curves: The Artistís Roadmap to Success by Katharine T. Carter
Stage One: Local, County, and Statewide Career Development
Chapter 1 Driver Education: Rules of the Road
Chapter 2 Carpooling: Who You Should Know and How to Meet Them
Chapter 3 Taking the Wheel: Getting Organized
Chapter 4 Green Light: Exhibitions
Chapter 5 Crossing State Lines: Poised for Stage Two
Stage Two: Regional Career Development
Chapter 6 Interstate Commerce: Going Regional
Chapter 7 Roadside Assistance: Getting the Help You Need
Stage Three: National Career Development
Chapter 8 Coast to Coast: Going National
Conclusion: Reaching Your Destination
Chapter 9 Conclusion: Reaching Your Destination

BOOK TWO Accelerating on the Curves: The Artistís Roadmap to Success
Mapping It Out: Templates and Examples of the Elements of Press Kits and Presentation
Packages by Henry Auvil, Katharine T. Carter, Karen S. Chambers, and John Mendelsohn

The Cover/Pitch Letter
The Artist-Generated Press Release
The Chronological Rťsumť
The Biographical Summary
The Artist Statement

BOOK THREE Accelerating on the Curves: The Artistís Roadmap to Success
Hare Pen Curves: Essays by Associates
A Life in Art: John Mendelsohn
First You Must: Dominique Nahas
Defining Success
Building a Profit Portfolio: D. Dominick Lombardi
Some Observations on Becoming Successful in Todayís Art World: Jonathan Goodman
Navigating the Art World
The ďEĒWord: Kathleen Cullen
Gallery Roulette: Ann Landi
The Six Quickest Ways to Lose a Gallery, or How To
Not Even Get in the Door in the First Place: Robert Curcio
The Art Fair Phenomenon: Robert Curcio
Print Matters: Deborah Ripley
Criticize This:William Zimmer (1946-2007)
Getting Lucky, Getting Reviewed: Richard Vine
Being Written About, or a Catalogue Essay Is Not a Review, and Vice Versa: Peter Frank
Forging Your Brand: Standing Out in the Art World: Steve Rockwell
Forging Your Brand: Tapping into the Potential of Modernismís Legacy: Steve Rockwell
Letís Get Social: Afrika Brown
Eureka and Agency: The Creative Brain and Getting Artists to Talk About It: Robert Mahoney
Making a Statement: Mary Hrbacek
Opportunity Calls: Edward Leffingwell (1941-2014), updated by Karen S. Chambers
Build Your Own Ship and Sail It: Christopher Hart Chambers br/> Anatomy of an Online Campaign: Iyna Bort Caruso
Do You Need a Website? Alison Slon
Your Presence on the Internet: Henry Auvil
Video as a Marketing Tool: Anne Leith
Making It to Print: Bill Mutter
Art Attack: Karen S. Chambers
Visiting New York City for Artists: Michael Wilson
Welcome to the New York City Art World: Mary Hrbacek
Parlaying the Party Paradigm: Phil Tarley
The Creative Nature of the Soul: Joseph Thomas

Information Resources by Katharine T. Carter and Karen S. Chambers Art Consultants/Corporate Collections
Art Fairs/Festivals
Artist Advisors
Art Materials/Equipment
Commercial Galleries
Commercial Printing
Competitions/Juried Exhibitions
Education Opportunities
Fine Art Photography
Fine Art Prints
Housing/Studio Space/Real Estate
Industry (Trade) Publications
Interior Designers/Architects/Landscape Architects.
Internet Resources
Legal Resources
Mailing Lists/Marketing
Museums/Art Centers/Better College and University Galleries/Nonprofits/Alternative Spaces
Photography Services
Presentation/Promotion Materials
Public Art
Shipping/Crating/Packing Materials
Tool Kit